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    1. We request that you submit your announcement by at least 8:00 pm to allow editors to review it before approving it for publication. Announcements go out mornings at 9:00 am.
    2. Announcements must:
        a) Be complete – date, time, description of event. For any incomplete announcements with missing information, these will be held back and the person named in the announcement will be contacted to let them know of the missing information. The original announcement will be deleted and the new announcement with complete information will be approved.
        b) Have contact information at the end – both name of individual and contact, such as, but not limited to, email address, VP number, text number. If this is not shown, then your announcement will not be posted.
    3. If you are looking for volunteer interpreters, please know that Utah State law requires all interpreters (voluntary or not) to be certified. (This does not apply to church services or activities). Make sure you include that information in your announcement or we reserve the right not to send it out.
    4. Fundraisers and sales can only be announced by non-profit organizations related to the Deaf community.
    5. We do not accept announcements for personal benefit.
    6. The announcement must be related to the Deaf community.

    Questions? Please email them to:
    • Pamela Mower, UAD Announce Editor, at or
    • Valerie Kinney, UAD Announce Assistant Editor, at
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