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Special Announcement!

MDUAP Board strongly feels that the NAD’s new format is a separate program from the pageant program; as to move forward to transition process for the new program, MDUAP defers the new program to Utah Association for the Deaf for their board to proceed in assigning a youth director to work with NAD’s youth director Allie Rice.

MDUAP Board approved that MDUAP Pageant funds to be reserved and hold under MDUAP for a couple of years with means to serve the MDUAP program and any future participants if any “Pageant” programs will be reorganized again.

MDUAP board is very sad to see the end of the Miss Deaf America Program and the Miss Deaf Utah Program; however as some states have protest and disagree with NAD’s decision, we ask for UAD’s patience with MDUAP while we await for NAD’s outcome of success with the new program or if there will be a pageant program again.

MDUAP will have Kayla Stubbs, Miss Deaf Utah 2012 give a brief farewell note during the Bazar on November 3, 2012.

To see the new format by NAD, click on the link.

Thank you
Andrea Anderson
MDUAP Board Director and MDUAP Board

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