Benjamin Davis Gallery
Type of Business: Art Gallery
Owner: Benjamin Davis
Description: Paints landscapes and seascapes

Bunny Bear Creations
Type of Business:
Owners: Terrance & Jelena Cantrell
Email: if you want services from A-Z,
Email: if you want massage or personal training services.
VP: 801-825-3761
Cell (V): 801-698-3671
Description: BBC is a company providing services and consulting from A to Z. Our services are designed to provide an excellent service to customers in and around their homes and businesses.  With a strong understanding of business the company specializes in running errands for busy people and doing helpful tasks around the home and office as well as a comprehensive solution to meet every client or customers needs. We are here to help you! If there is just not enough time in the day to get your tasks done, give us a call. Need a massage to easy the burdens of everyday life, we can help you! We have a licensed massage therapist and owner of BBC Massage who can help you balance and nurture your body, mind, and spirit. We also have a professional personal trainer who provides one-on-one personal training We can design a personalized program to meet your needs, goals, and lifestyle.

Eye-Sign Media, LLC
Type of Business: Videos
Partnerships: Bobby Giles, Julio Diaz and Jim Harper
Address: 280 N. 300 W., American Fork, UT 84003
Email: Bobby Giles’s Email:
Email: Jim Harper’s Email:
Email: Julio Diaz’s Email:
Description: Videos (movies)

Dillingham Vending & Moving
Type of Business: Vending, Moving
Owners: Weston & Judy Dillingham
Contact: email at office:
Email on mobile pager:
Office phone: 801-492-3421-voice/tty/fax/VP
Cell phone: 801-216-3017 -voice
Text message only! 801-787-9433 (for text messaging only)
Description: Salt Lake and Utah County areas: we provide moving service for anything 1lb-1000 lbs; also provide vending machine service (snacks/drinks/non-refrigerated foods)

Heritage Makers
Type of Business: Scanning photos
Owner: Krysti Dabb
Description: Hosts parties, accepts appointments to scan photos.

Kelly’s Enterprises
Type of Business: Skin Care Assessment
Owner: Erin Kelly
VP: 801-808-9630
Description: Erin Kelly is a deaf certified skin care consultant and gives skin care assessments.

Snarr’s Creative
Type of Business: Printing
Owner: Matt Snarr
Address: 998 West 2550 North, Lehi, Utah 84043
VP: 801-766-3130
Website: Soon to be posted
Description: Advertising, Graphics, Screen Printing & Wedding Announcements or Invitations, Logos, Signs, Shirts, etc. .

Travel Best Price Break, Inc.
Type of Business: Travel Agency
Owners: Roger & Donna Wilkins
Phone: 801-331-5235 (VP)
Description: Contact us on VP or email and get the best price for your travel needs like cruises, hotel, car rental, etc. We will give you more discounts as well. We both are deaf so it will be easier to communicate with us.

Uppercase Living
Owner: Cathy Holt
Description: Cathy Holt is a deaf demonstrator for Uppercase Living, a vinyl lettering company for home décor. To learn more about Uppercase Living, visit the website.

Utah Association for the Deaf Bookstore
Type of Business: Sales of deaf and hard of hearing products
Manager: Adele Sigoda
Description: Deaf & Hard of Hearing Products

Yard Masters
Type of Business: Lawn care and other outdoor services
Owner: Mont Palmer
Phone: VP 801-254-4614
Description: Weekly lawn care, general maintenance including spring/fall cleanup; sprinkler repair or installation, sodding, aeration, lawn power comb, lawn fertilizer, planting, bark or soil prep for flower beds. Trees/bushes trimming or removal, snow removal, and Christmas light put on and take off.

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