If you live in Salt Lake City, you can find who your Representative and Senator is by going to this link.  If you live outside Salt Lake City, please call your County Clerk and ask the names and district numbers of your Representative and Senator. Go to this link to find the phone number for your County Clerk.
The Senators rosters is online at this link
          The Representatives rosters is online at this link.
The Utah Legislature’s website is www.le.state.ut.us.

There are several ways to make “Contact” with your legislators:

Traditional Letters — we never use them during the session because they take too long.

E-mails — The fastest way to deliver your thoughts and opinions, but some legislators don’t read their e-mails, or they get so many they just don’t have time. That is why is it important that you deliver the crux of your message in the Subject line (example: Please vote “YES on HB-42!!!) Send e-mails to individual legislators — they don’t pay attention to the e-mails sent to a whole list of people.

Phone calls to the House or Senate — This is a good way to make contact during the daytime because switchboard operators take messages (up to 5 during one call) and they are then placed on the Legislator’s desks. The problem is, it is often very difficult to get through.

  • The House phone is 801-538-1029
  • The Senate phone is 801-538-1035

Phone calls to individual Legislators at home evenings/weekends — this is a good way to have a conversation with Legislators. The problem is some legislators don’t go home until weekends because of the distance and some legislators get cranky when they get lots of calls at the end of a long day at the Capitol.

Faxes to the House or Senate — they are good because they also get placed on the Legislator’s desks. Each fax must be to one individual legislator at a time. If you send one fax with multiple names on it, it tossed instead of delivered.

  • House Fax Number 801-326-1544
  • Senate Fax Number 801-326-1475

GO TO THE CAPITOL AND SEND NOTES IN — This is the very best way to contact legislators because they know you care enough about the issue to BE THERE IN PERSON. Your notes can just be a message, you can ask them to call your cell phone, or you can ask them to meet you outside the door for a face-to-face conversation.

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