Bulletins by Bronwyn O’Hara

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July 2013 Issue

Utah Association of the Deaf (UAD) New Board 2013 – 2015 Please welcome the new UAD Board: President:                Philippe Montalette Vice-President:        J.R. Goff Secretary:                Ellen Hanna Treasurer:               Adele Sigoda Member At-Large:  Laurie Bishop Joyanne Burdett Dan Hoffman Meme Kerr Carol MacNicholl We are excited to announce that the winner of the logo contest is James Smith.  […]

May 2013 Issue

Deaf Children Need Sign While Young Bronwyn O’Hara Have you heard the statement, “There’s no need for Deaf kids to learn to sign while young. They’ll pick it up when they get older.” ? I think this idea is still floating around ‘out there’ to the detriment of deaf children and their families. Some of these people […]