CRPD Hearing in the United States Senate

November 5th at 2:30 pm

Dirksen Senate Office Building, Room SD-419

You can RSVP for the hearing hereThis will help us ensure enough room capacity for all advocates!


The Marathon is almost over: the end is in sight!

NOW is the time to have our voices be heard! 

Chairman Menendez has scheduled the first of two Hearings on the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD) on Nov 5th!

Senators Menendez and Corker and our target senators on the Foreign Relations Committee need to hear from everyone; they are logging all call and contacts made state by state. Our floor time depends on them hearing from you!  It is time for action NOW!

Visit our new citizen action portal,, to contact our target Senators on the Foreign Relations Committee that need to hear from you!

Click the “We Support CRPD” icon above!  Share it everywhere!  Post it on your website, Facebook, and Twitter!  They need to hear from our movement now or we will not succeed.

Let them hear you now so that when Medicaid, Education and other issues come to the Hill they once again know the power of the disability movement!

It is time to show the Foreign Relations Committee the loud and diverse community supporting the treaty: disability, veterans, civil rights, faith, businesses, families and people with disabilities-everyone has a role in this fight.

Invite your lists of friends and colleagues so we can show the Foreign Relations Committee that the community is behind this treaty!

Join us in sending a message to the Foreign Relations Committee that we are watching them!  Thank you for your help!

President’s Corner

On October 3rd, Dan Hoffman and I flew to Omaha, Nebraska for the NAD Leadership Training Conference. We learned the benefits of leadership  through talks on Legislative, Diversity, Financial. Dan flew back to Utah on Sunday morning; I stayed until Monday evening. We had a good NAD board meeting and visited Iowa School for the Deaf in Council Bluff near Omaha (10 miles driving). The topic most discussed was about the 2014 Atlanta conference, as we are working to make sure that it goes well for everyone in attendance.

Holidays is around the corner. Hope you would consider making a donation to UAD and NAD before the year end. It is 100% tax deductible. We need your support to send two delegates to the NAD convention in Atlanta, July 1 – 5, 2014. We would appreciate your support to UAD for our children’s future.

The Junior NAD conference will be held at Model Secondary School for the Deaf in Washington DC, the first week of November. There will be over 100 high school kids attending. What is more, they will have the opportunity to meet senators and representatives at Capitol Hill, and will meet President Obama.

Philippe Montalette


October 22, 2013 – Marjorie Monson, 88, passed away in Houston, TX. She was an avid reader always having a dictionary and thesaurus nearby so she wouldn’t miss the meaning of any word. She was very social with her neighbors wherever she lived.  Marge was active in family, church, travel and spa groups. Survivors include her sons Raymond Monson of Seattle, WA and Brian Monson of Denver, CO.  Her husband, Fred, predeceased her in 2002. Funeral services were held in Orem.

October 25, 2013 – Vera Eyre 86, passed away in Farmington. She enjoyed being a part of the deaf community, as well as serving in many callings in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. She is greatly loved by her family.  A graveside service was held in West Jordan.  Her husband of 65 years, Bruce, survives her.

60th Wedding Anniversary Celebrated

Four generations of family members gathered at Midvale Mining Café to celebrate Bill and Kleda Quigley’s 60th wedding anniversary. They were married on October 9, 1953 in the Logan LDS Temple.  The cafe owner subtracted $ 60.00 dollars from the total cost of the meal counting the years of our marriage celebration.

Deaf Parent Infant Program

Paula Pittman

The new 2013-2014 school year has started and PIP is excited to begin toddler groups once again.  Toddler groups begin this week for our toddlers who are 18-36 months old.  This year we will have ASL/English toddler groups in Ogden, Salt Lake City and Orem.  We will have Listening Spoken Language (LSL) toddler groups in Ogden and Salt Lake City, and a Kindermusik class in Orem.  This year we have opened the classes so families can bring their child to any group they would like to attend, regardless of the language approach they use at their home.  This will allow families to explore both language options and see how their child performs in both environments.  Jamie Warengo, one of our wonderful Deaf Mentors, will be teaching the ASL/English groups in all three locations.  Karen Bartholomew is our Kindermusik teacher in Orem.  Our LSL toddler group in SLC will be taught by Diane Larsen, and Jennifer Elwell will teach the LSL class in Ogden.  We are looking forward to a fun year with our toddlers and their parents in toddler group!

We will also be beginning Listening Time this month in a very small pilot program.  Listening time will be an opportunity for some of our PIP babies to work one-on-one with a Listening and Spoken Language specialist to help them improve their listening skills.  We will be offering this pilot program to only 15 families this year in this small pilot.  If the pilot is successful, we will be requesting a full time position for an LSL Specialist next year so we can expand and continue the program.

We will also be introducing two new activities for our families who are using ASL/English.  The first is a monthly ASL storytime at participating Barnes and Noble stores.  The arrangements for this event have not been set yet, but we hope to start the program in October, and we hope to get help from our best storytellers in the Deaf community to help with this event through the year.  The second ASL/English activity we will be trying this year is a monthly ASL night for families who are learning ASL to give them an opportunity to meet one another and to practice using their ASL skills and learn more signs.  We hope to begin this event in October as well.

We hope that the addition of these new events will be beneficial to families and their children and fun for everyone involved!

November 2013 Holidays

  Daylight Savings time ends gain 1 hour of sleep
11  Veteran’s Day
13  Sadie Hawkins Day 
28  Thanksgiving Day
29  Black Friday

Jean Massieu School News

Michelle Tanner

October has been a wonderful month!  At the beginning of the month, our students  participated in the Shakespeare Competition in Cedar City for high school students throughout the state.  The students participated in monologues, group and ensemble performances in front of judges.  Scripts were taken from various acts and scenes from Shakespeare’s plays.  Our JMS team performed scenes from “Much Ado About Nothing,” “Romeo and Juliet,” as well as “Macbeth.”  Our students were amazing performers and impressed all the judges.  Their ensemble performance drew a large crowd.  After the competition was completed, our JMS team was awarded 3rd place for our ensemble performance.

On October 11th the JMS PTA hosted our Fall Festival at the Deaf Center.  It was a wonderful turn out with a focus on reading.  The food and entertainment was wonderful.  Thank you to everyone who came and supported our school.  We cannot achieve the successes we do without your support.  Thank you!

The final week in October was spent on reaffirming our commitment against drugs.  All activities throughout the week reminded students to believe in themselves and avoid drugs and alcohol.  The culminating activities were the Halloween festivities.  The Halloween parade was enjoyed by students, staff and parents.

November is the beginning of the basketball season for the girls and the boys.  Please see the attached schedule for the boy’s games and try to attend as many as possible.  We would love to see the community in attendance at as many games as possible.  When we have a solid schedule for the girls, we will pass this along to you as well.

Again, if you are interested in volunteering or making a donation to JMS, please feel free to contact me at  and we can arrangements for volunteering hours.  We love to have the community involved at the school.

Thank you for your continued support of JMS!

1st Ward Bishopric Undergoes Changes

New members of the 1st Ward Bishopric announced on September 22 are Adam Loosli, bishop; Ben Edwards, 1st counselor and Jamy Reudter, 2nd counselor. Boyd Collins remains as executive secretary.

Released were Ron Nelson, bishop, who served for five years; Zach White, 1st counselor and Adam Loosli, 2nd counselor.

New Utah Valley Ward Bishopric announced

On May 23 of this year, new members of the Utah Valley Ward bishopric included Doug Stringham, bishop; Brady Cluff  1st counselor; Eric Malm, 2nd counselor an Stephen Peterson, executive secretary.

The previous bishopric members released: were Nathan Van de Graaff, bishop; Reid Smonsen, 1st counselor; Brady Cluff, 2nd counselor and Eric Malm executive secretary.


BOYS Basketball Schedule 2013/2014

Date – Game – Time

Tuesday, November 26 Mount Vernon @ USDB 5:30 PM

Tuesday, December 3 Mount Vernon @ USDB 5:30 PM

Friday, December 6th Telos @ USDB 5:30 PM

Friday, December 13th Telos @ USDB 5:30 PM

Monday, December 18th USDB @ Wendover 4:30 PM

Friday, December 20th USDB @ Rowland Hall 5:30 PM

Friday, January 3rd USDB @ Dugway 5:30 PM

Wednesday, January 8th Telos @ USDB 4:30 PM

Friday, January 10th West Desert @ USDB 5:30 PM

Wednesday, January 15th Tintic @ USDB 4:30 PM

Friday, January 17th ICS @ USDB 5:30 PM

Friday, January 24th West Ridge @ USDB 5:30 PM

Friday, January 29 to February 1st WSBCC WASHINGTON TBA

Friday, February 7th USDB @ ICS 5:30 PM

Friday, February 14th USDB @ West Ridge 5:30 PM

Wednesday, February 19th St. Joseph @ USDB 4:30 PM


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