President’s Corner

Hello everyone in 2018!

I hope you all had great Christmas holidays and New Year’s Eve!

The whole UAD Board recently went on a retreat last month in Eden, Utah. We had a blast getting to know the new board members. It allowed us to get to know each other better and develop a team bond.  We’ve discussed and set up our priorities for the next 2 years from 2017-2019. We’ve also started some of the planning on how to accomplish it! See below for UAD’s priorities:

  1. Continue with the task force for studying the DSDHH’s place under DWS and along with that we’re watching the interview process for picking and hiring of the new Assistant Director.
  2. Continue to work with Utah School of the Deaf and Blind (USDB) on the betterment of education for our current and future deaf children
  3. Improving Utah’s Deaf Business Ecosystem (DOB – Deaf Owned Businesses) and increasing awareness to support DOB
  4. Start the process and explore the idea of setting up a Deaf Senior Living Center
  5. Website overhaul – possibly a new website!

It was not easy to narrow it down to the top 5.  But it helped UAD a lot in creating a timeline and creating a plan to reach those goals. We have lots of other mini goals that we want to do too but it’s not as important as those top 5 goals.  We’ll do what we can and please keep an eye out for announcements in the future to help out with some of our events or different areas where we will need help with. We can’t do this without YOU.

If you’re interested in becoming a member as a way to support our goals – please feel free to sign up at  It’s just $10 a year and it’ll help us all in the long run with more members uniting together.

We have a big movie event coming up with the showing of “Hedy & Heidi – The Lost Sister” on Feb 23rd at 7pm and it’ll be at Sanderson Community Center. The tickets are only sold online and cannot be bought at the door so please make sure to pay online before you come! Here’s the link to do that

Thank you everyone and see you around!

Stephen Persinger
UAD President

Flash News:

The UAD board has agreed that we will publish UAD Bulletin 3 times a year instead 4 times a year.  It will be January, May, and October every year.

To a Higher Glory

October 9, 2017 – Richard Kunkel, 70, passed away peacefully.  A memorial service was held in Santaquin. 

October 22, 2017 – Dale Evans, 64, passed away. Dale had a passion for the outdoors and loved fishing. The only person better at fishing would have been his wife, Chih.  Dale is best known for his big heart, his amazing sense of humor, his exceptionally high intelligence and his wet willies. Services were held in Roy, with interment taking place at Veterans Memorial Cemetery at Camp Williams.

New Utah State Office of Rehabilitation Locations

Sarah Brenna, Director of Rehabilitation Services

Utah Department of Workforce Services Rehabilitation

The Department of Workforce Services is pleased to announce that we have two new Utah State Office of Rehabilitation (USOR) locations in Centerville and Logan.

On October 2, we opened a new USOR location at 520 Marketplace Drive, Suite 130 in Centerville, just off of I-15 and east of the Chick-fil-A. Look for the building sign that has our new “Workforce Services Rehabilitation” logo.

Since this is a central location for our Davis County clients, we relocated our Bountiful and Layton offices to the Centerville office. Our following offices are now closed:

Layton: 2984 N 400 W, Suite A
Bountiful: 150 N Main Street, Suite 103

Our staff is excited to better serve our clients and partners in our new facility that is convenient and easily accessible for public transit.

If you have any questions, concerns, or need assistance with travel directions to our new office, you can reach Centerville at 385-489-6015.

UVU Sutherland Archives – UAD Collections for the UAD Bulletin

Jodi Kinner

After years of waiting, I am delighted to inform you that I just received word from Catherine McIntyre, Archivist & Digitization Librarian of the UVU’s George Sutherland Archives, that they have finally gotten UAD Scrapbook up and the UAD Conventions minutes online in their digital collections. If you click on the image of either on, it will come up with a page-by-page view that you can scroll through and read.

Here is the link to the collections:

The Sutherland Archives will have another photo album up and another minute book soon.

If you are curious about the Sutherland Archives, see the link: None of this would have happened without Catherine McIntyre and Dr. Bryan Eldredge.

Please feel free to let me know if any of the descriptions, titles, dates, or anything else need to be changed. I can be reached via email at Catherine wants these to be as correct as possible, and it is very easy to make corrections to the metadata.

USD Update

Michelle Tanner

As we wrap up 2017, I am pleased with all that has happened this past year at the Utah School for the Deaf.  As we have capitalized on the funding USDB received and carefully managed our resources, we have been able to increase and improve services we offer to students across the State.  And, thanks to our amazing teachers, students have been making great progress academically and socially.  Students are always the number one priority in any endeavor we embark on at USD.

To that end, this past year we have seen the passage of legislation that encourages direct referrals from medical providers across the State to USDB when a child has a suspected hearing loss.  Progress on a deaf education license is almost completed and should be available for educators to make application before the end of this school year.  The LEAD-K committee has worked collaboratively to select the proper assessment tools and milestones for deaf children from 0 – 5 years of age.  We anticipate that recommendations from this team will be proposed before the end of the school year.

An extensive amount of time has been spent on designing our new facility to be built in Springville.  Weekly meetings discuss large- and small-scale details.  From these discussions and with the goal to remain within the budget we have been given, changes to the building are made that better accommodate our needs in this growing area of the State.

The next task at hand will be presenting our needs to the legislature.  Your support in securing funding for these requests would be graciously appreciated.  This year USDB will be requesting the following increases:

Ongoing Requests:  

  • Educator Salary Adjustments: $996,732.16
    • This is more than double requested amounts from previous years for our teachers.
    • The additional funding is necessary to change our salary structure to be in compliance with State Code and to be competitive with other districts across the State.
  • Expand resources and increase personnel in USIMAC: $450,000

One-Time Request:  $1.5 million ($500,000 for 3 years)

  • Additional space for USIMAC and materials

With all this progress, USD has no intention of slowing down.  We have much to gain by thinking creatively and innovatively in deaf education.  Continue to expect that USD will challenge the status quo and seek to move beyond the current state of deaf education.  USD has many other initiatives and projects on the horizon that will continue to move education for our students in a forward-thinking trajectory.

We are keenly aware that none of this would be possible without the tremendous support we receive from you, our community.  Thank you for all the love and attention to give to USD and our students.

JMS Update

Aimee Breinholt

It has been a busy quarter.  Our girls are finished their first season of volleyball.  We are proud of the new skills they developed and the teamwork they continually improve upon. We are now focused on our basketball season.  We have both a high school boys team and girls team as well as our cheerleading squad.  We would love your support for our games.  We have several home games coming up.  Home games are held at the OEC gym (1655 E 3300 S, SLC).

Dec. 19: 4:30pm Boys (JV) & 6:00pm Boys (V)
Jan 5: 5:00pm Girls
Jan 6: 12:00pm Girls & 2:00pm Boys
Jan 10: 4:00pm Boys (V) & 5:00pm Boys (JV)

In addition to our high school teams we have a Jr Jazz team for our boys in grades 4-7 and a Jr Jazz team for our girls in grades 2-4.  These are fun games to watch and again we would love your support!  If you can join us the boys always play at the Taylorsville Recreation Center (4849 S 2700 W).  They have a game on Jan 6th at 2:00pm and on Jan 13th at 3pm.  Our girls next games are Jan 6th at 11:00am (Kearns Jr High) and Jan 13th at 10:00am (Bennion Jr High). Please feel free to contact Whitney James ( for more information about any of our teams.

We are looking forward to the Lego robotics competition.  Our after school team has worked hard the first half of the year to prepare for this competition.  It will be held Feb. 3rd at Entheos Academy (2606 S 7200 W, Magna).  This tends to be an all day event in which our students demonstrate their engineering skills in the practical competition as well as present on their teamwork and unity.  We are excited to see their hard work and dedication pay off in this event!

Our reading clinic and after school activities continue weekly Tuesdays and Thursdays.  We would like to thank the University of Utah baseball team for coming to teach skills and spend an afternoon with us.  The students were very impressed with the height of all the players as well as their skills and friendly demeanor.  Students have been working hard in the after school activities to prepare for a short winter program on December 21st.  We look forward to enjoying the production and hope they all “break a leg!”

The first semester of school is quickly coming to a close.  The term ends January 12th.  Students and teachers alike are working hard to focus on academic instruction and learning as we look to the end of the first semester.

We continue to look for volunteers to help with activities and events at the school.  Our PTA would love support as we move forward with future events.  If you are interested in helping out, please join us during our PTA meetings held the first Friday of every month from 9:00-10:00am at JMS.

Thank you for your continued support and interest.  We are so grateful for our community!

All of us at JMS would like to wish you all the happiest of holidays!

CONGRATULATIONS on your retirement, Marilyn, Joene and Robin,


Jenefer Reudter

December 7, 2017 was a day to recognize THREE AMIGAS (“Friends” in the Spanish language).  This was an appropriate event to celebrate together as Marilyn Call, Joene Nicolaisen and Robin Traveller retired in December and truly were FRIENDS!  Between the three of them, they had a combined history of over 53 years of employment at the Sanderson Community Center!  Each of them has contributed so many hours of time, work, and skills, along with many laughs, memories and even tears and each will be sorely missed!

The staff and community, along with members of family, came together to honor and celebrate these wonderful ladies and to recognize the many things that each of them have shared with us over the years.  The staff put together memories through powerpoint presentations to reflect the things that each lady has done over the years, the things we will miss about each of them and the things that they have to look forward to as retirement begins.  The staff also presented a special gift to Marilyn, Joene and Robin to remind them of their work “FAMILY” and how much they will be missed.

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